The Calliope Group Has Arrived

The new indie kid on the block, Calliope seeks to present the freshest voices, the purest lyrics, and the red dirt truth. Along with our online site Calliope Crashes, we work hard to bring you words worth reading.

“A towering work of speculative fiction that will have readers rethinking what it means to be human.”

That’s how Kirkus Reviews describes the next title coming from The Calliope Group. We’re excited to announce Terence Hawkins’ American Neolithic will drop on November 4. To celebrate, you can pre-order the book for 20% off. The Homeland Police strongly recommend you do so.

And while you’re shopping, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Quraysh Ali Lansana’s the skin of dreams, a Booklist starred review.

The Calliope Group, small but mighty.