little wife: the story of gold


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“little wife: the story of gold is memoir as memoir ought to be—it’s structured the way memory works, in flashes that boom and bloom. Nuova Wright wields lightning here, drawing grief and bravery out of the past, building a fire-bridge toward survival and bold joy.”

Cathy Wagner, Professor of Creative Writing, Miami University


Gold sat down in a diner to tell herself a story. Her own story: birth, her early life, and the black smoke where no memories would come. Gold decided to chase the smoke. In it she found answers, ancestors, and what she didn’t know she’d been looking for—her selves.

Join Nuova Wright on a poetic excavation of self, memory, and time.


Praise for little wife

“Here is an Oklahoma of oil and wind and cigarettes, . . . and of the natural disaster of generational violence stirred by the secrets mere living struggles to allow . . . If memory, we learn, decides importance, “the only necessity is/remembering.”—Reuben Appleman, author of The Kill Jar

“little wife travels the liminal space between forgetting and memory, traversing the tough geographies and sites of memory mapped by thinkers such as Carol Boyce Davies, Dionne Brand, and Toni Morrison . . . Remembering, as imagined in little wife, “doesn’t end. Just exhausts” even as it continues to map the humanity of blackness.”—Rachel Burgess, author of “Feminine Stubble,” “Academic Rock Star,” “Risk,” and “On Having a J-O-B.”