Turing’s Graveyard



A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2020!

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“These thirteen powerful, well-crafted stories by Hawkins have been aptly compared to The Twilight Zone: they offer a similar sense of dread and moral disquiet. These are tales of how things go wrong . . . and they provide a beautiful reading experience”- Booklist


An online affair that isn’t what–or with what–it seems.  Jesus’ last thoughts on the Cross.  The birth of science in ancient Sumer and its death in West Hartford.  These stories are driven by ideas, but also full of dark humor, as when we see the miseries of a middle-school boy drafted into his stepfather’s civil war re-enactments, or The Sopranos as written by Raymond Chandler.  This is fiction for people who like to think.  And laugh, too.

“Hawkins’ collection of tales ranges from unnerving Science Fiction to exceedingly dark comedy . . . Extraordinary stories that will make readers laugh, shiver, or perhaps both.”- Kirkus Reviews, A Best Book of 2020.

Turing’s Graveyard is a collection of provocative and mesmerizing short stories that force the reader to confront the nature of life and death, intimacy and indifference, and even the boundaries of reality itself . . . Brilliant.”- Tonya Hurley, New York Times and international bestselling author of the Ghost Girl series