American Neolithic




American Neolithic

By Terence Hawkins

“A towering work of speculative fiction that will have readers rethinking what it means to be human.”–Kirkus Reviews


It’s the day after tomorrow.

America is Police State Lite. The Bill of Rights has been swallowed by the Patriot Amendments.  Science bends the knee to state-sponsored Creationism. The Supreme Court is powerless before the Patriot Tribunal and the Homeland Police upholding their motto, “Always Watching.”

Enter Blingbling.  Foreign-looking, undocumented, and apparently homeless, he’s implicated in a hip-hop murder.  His lawyer, the hard-boiled Raleigh, keeps him from Homeland’s clutches until a routine DNA test exposes a secret that threatens to destroy his client, his career, and much more.


Praise for American Neolithic:

American Neolithic is a stunning, alarming, and deftly crafted read that has author Terence Hawkins’s novel achieving a similar literary status to the likes of George Orwell’s 1984“–Clint Travis, Midwest Book Review.

“In this revised edition . . . the social commentary is even more powerful and relevant. Hawkins . . . approaches this complex story with a lens that is both brutal and soft, exposing the vulnerable underbelly of the human experience.” Cari Dubiel, Booklist

“This is a one-of-a-kind novel…Terry Hawkins is a bold and fearless writer.” Tom Perrotta, author of The Leftovers and Mrs. Fletcher

“You will be amazed at Terence Hawkins’ prodigious imagination, his Bowie-sharp wit, and the skill with which he tells a story that’s as morally urgent as it is satirically diverting.” Julia Glass, author of Three Junes and And the Dark Sacred Night

“American Neolithic is overflowing with ideas, the narrative running on overdrive at all times. Reading this book felt like a fever dream, which I mean in the best possible way, an extrasensory experience.” Kevin Wilson, author of The Family Fang

“American Neolithic, while toggling between two very different voices, is bone-dry, witty, affecting, and never less than riveting.” Teddy Wayne, author of Loner and The Love Song of Jonny Valentine