Book Release Events Announced for American Neolithic

American Neolithic Will be Released November 4

The Calliope Group has announced several events November 5-8 to celebrate the release of American Neolithic by Terence Hawkins.

“We’re excited to launch American Neolithic in Tulsa,” says M.L. Parks, an editor at The Calliope Group. “We want to be part of the great culture of books growing here in the city.”

The events will begin November 5 with a reading and signing by Hawkins at Outpost Coffee, 200 E. 4th Street in Bartlesville from 6.30pm-8pm.

On November 7, Nothing’s Left Brewing, 1502 E. 6th Street, Tulsa, will host a Book and Beer party from 6pm-8pm. Hawkins will read and sign books. Giveaways and souvenir glassware will also highlight the event.

On November 8, Magic City Books, 221 E. Archer Street, Tulsa, will host a craft talk, reading, and signing by Hawkins. The craft talk will be presented by the Center for Poets and Writers OSU-Tulsa.

American Neolithic is a novel of speculative fiction set in the near-future. America is Police State Lite. The Bill of Rights has been swallowed by the Patriot Amendments.  Science bends the knee to state-sponsored Creationism. The Supreme Court is powerless before the Patriot Tribunal. The Homeland Police uphold their motto, “Always Watching.”

Enter Blingbling.  Foreign-looking, undocumented, and apparently homeless, he’s implicated in a hip-hop murder.  His lawyer, the hard-boiled Raleigh, keeps him from Homeland’s clutches until a routine DNA test exposes a secret that threatens to destroy his client, his career, and much more. Political satire, courtroom thriller, and a parable about immigration, American Neolithic is also a story of loyalty, betrayal, and redemption.

American Neolithic author Terence Hawkins welcomes joining The Calliope Group: “The press is the new home for writers with new things to say.”

Hawkins was raised in Fayette County, PA, a former coal hub later distinguished as the setting for the original Night of the Living Dead and American Rust. He graduated from Yale, where he was Publisher of the Yale Daily News, and received a law degree from the University of Wisconsin. In 2012 he became the founding Director of the Yale Writers’ Conference, which he developed and managed through 2015. He is now the Director of the Company of Writers and Prose Editor of Blue Mountain Review. Turing’s Graveyard, a collection of his short stories and humor, will appear in 2020 from Running Wild Press.

His first novel, The Rage of Achilles, is a realistic and sometimes brutal account of the Iliad based on the theory of the bicameral mind. Tom Perrotta called it a “genuinely fresh take on a classic text.”  Hawkins lives and writes in Connecticut.

Calliope’s first title of 2019, the skin of dreams by Tulsa poet Quraysh Ali Lansana, was released April 27th. The book was a starred review of Booklist. A Tulsa Artist Fellow, Lansana was a featured presenter at the Oklahoma Book Festival and his poem from the skin of dreams, “Higher Calling,” appears in Best American Poetry 2019 from Scribner.

The Calliope Group in an independent publisher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Titles can be ordered directly from The Calliope Group at, at independent bookstores, and online through all major sites including Amazon and Apple Books.